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GroutOnce! can be used with Portland cement-based grouts. It is suitable for all color-fast Portland-based grouts and polymer reinforced grout.  GroutOnce! is not for use with other liquid additives, epoxy, or urethane grout.  GroutOnce! is a permanent seal and does not require the application of a topical sealer.  When used properly GroutOnce! forms a LIFETIME seal, and NEVER requires re-application.

Application Instructions

  1. Read the entire label before using it.
  2. Ensure you are using a Portland cement-based grout mix.
  3. Follow grout manufacturer’s instructions for mixing grout using GroutOnce! INSTEAD OF WATER.
  4. Choose GroutOnce! is sized based on the type of grout used, 70 oz for a 25 lb bag of sanded grout, 48 oz for an 8 lb box of un-sanded grout, and 27 oz for a 10 lb bag of sanded grout.
  5. Empty contents of grout package into a clean bucket, and THEN add the entire contents of the prescribed GroutOnce! size into the dry mix and agitate until thoroughly mixed.
  6. If the mix is too dry add up to 3 oz of clean water for 70 oz and 48 oz sizes, and up to 2 oz of clean water for 27 oz size.  Do not dilute product prior to mixing.

When cleaning up use as little water as possible.


  1. Do not dilute product it is specifically formulated and sized for use as directed,
  2. USE INSTEAD OF WATER and not along with water,
  3. Is not compatible with epoxy or urethane grouts,
  4. Cannot be used in conjunction with other liquid grout add mixes,
  5. Grout should be allowed to dry “per grout manufacturer’s specification” (minimum 48 hours) before exposure to large amounts of water.
  6. It contains a modified siloxane that can be mildly irritating to the skin, use precautions to minimize skin contact.

Additional Info

GroutOnce! is water-based and environmentally friendly.

GroutOnce! is a very low V.O.C. formulation.

GroutOnce! will not affect clean up, workability, dry time, or pot life of the grout.

GroutOnce! will create a sealed grout that is crack-resistant, mold and mildew resistant, water repellent, stain-resistant and harder and denser.


Additional information

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27oz – 10lb Sanded, 48oz – 8lb Unsanded, 70oz – 25lb Sanded, 2.5 gal

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    Great product!

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  2. Alison W. (verified owner)

    Easy use & clean up. Works great.

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