Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! Your warranty will simply transfer to VanHearron, Inc.

GroutOnce! can be used with any cement-based grout whether it is Portland or other types of cement. GroutOnce! is not for use with epoxy or urethane grouts and is not compatible with other grout add-mixes.

You bet! Mighty Indigo is only slightly alkaline with a Ph of 10.5 and a patented surfactant that keeps the product from etching natural stone surfaces.

Efflorescence Remover should not be used on marble, limestone, or metal fixtures.

In short, no. While DeepSeal is a revolutionary product, it is made specifically for concrete and masonry surfaces. DeepSeal should never be used on tile or any glazed surface.

2 hours. Yes, that’s right. TopGrout’s cutting-edge technology allows you to apply it to grout after only 2 hours of cure time.

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