Frequently Asked Questions

The Company

Does using GroutOnce! void my grout warranty?

Absolutely not! Your warranty will simply transfer to VanHearron, Inc.

Can GroutOnce! be used with all grouts?

GroutOnce! can be used with any cement-based grout whether it is Portland or other types of cement. GroutOnce! is not for use with epoxy or urethane grouts and is not compatible with other grout add-mixes.

Is Mighty Indigo safe on marble and granite?

You bet! Mighty Indigo is only slightly alkaline with a Ph of 10.5 and a patented surfactant that keeps the product from etching natural stone surfaces.

Can Efflorescence Remover be used on all surfaces?

Efflorescence Remover should not be used on marble, limestone, or metal fixtures.

Is DeepSeal a good product for tile?

In short, no. While DeepSeal is a revolutionary product, it is made specifically for concrete and masonry surfaces. DeepSeal should never be used on tile or any glazed surface.

How long must grout cure before applying TopGrout?

2 hours. Yes, that’s right. TopGrout’s cutting-edge technology allows you to apply it to grout after only 2 hours of cure time.

Do you still have questions?

Please give us a call at (479) 255-6101 during normal business hours.